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Research Areas


Applicants should make reference to the list of PPRFS research themes and areas. The list includes strategic themes and specified research areas for SPPRFS 2024-25 (summarised under code S1 to S6) which align with the Government’s research needs and policy priorities, and applicants are encouraged to prepare proposals with reference to. Besides these themes and research areas, the list also includes eight major themes, namely (a) co-operation with the Mainland; (b) land and housing; (c) economic development; (d) livelihood issues; (e) innovation and technology; (f) education and youth development; (g) environmental protection; and (h) political development and governance with 29 indicative research areas.


Strategic themes and research areas will be identified for each year’s applications in light of the research needs and policy priorities of the Government. For 2024-25, the Government has identified six strategic themes, namely (a) development opportunities from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area under the National 14th Five-Year Plan; (b) achieving carbon neutrality; (c) hydrogen economy; (d) sustainable development of elderly care services with an ageing population; (e) healthcare innovations; and (f) education. There are specified research areas under each strategic theme. Please refer to the list of SPPRFS strategic themes and specified research areas for details.

Applications for SPPRFS 2024-25 must be made under one of the specified strategic themes and in line with the specified research areas. Those falling outside the specified strategic themes and specified research areas will NOT be considered generally.