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Chief Executive's Policy Unit

The Chief Executive (CE) proposed during his election campaign and elaborated in his Policy Address (PA) in October 2022 that a new CEPU will be established to enhance the Government’s capabilities in research and advocacy on long-term and strategic issues. Apart from conducting in-depth studies and analyses on Mainland policies and developments as well as international trends and reporting the outcome to CE; CEPU will continue facilitating internal deliberations to assist the Government in formulating forward-looking policies.

CEPU has commenced operation since 28 December 2022 and performs the following key functions –

  1. conducting in-depth studies and analyses on Mainland policies and developments, as well as global developments and trends, and assessing how Hong Kong can keep up with these developments;
  2. conducting forward-looking research on strategic and long-term issues;
  3. co-ordinating the preparation of CE’s annual PA and tracking the implementation of PA initiatives;
  4. providing research and secretariat support to the CE’s Council of Advisers;
  5. providing internal briefings on Mainland and global developments to promote experience and knowledge sharing;
  6. assessing public opinions for CE’s reference through various means including web-based data analytics, opinion polls, focus group discussions, as well as networking and dialogue with stakeholders including commentators, think-tanks, academia and other leaders; and
  7. building up external policy research capacity through measures including administering public policy research funding schemes.