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Research Integrity

The Assessment Panel and the Secretariat attach great importance to research integrity and all researchers are expected to observe the highest standard of integrity in preparing research proposals and conduct of researches. Researchers should adhere to good practices adopted widely by the research community in the conduct of research and observe the research integrity policies and ethical guidelines of the relevant institutions/think tanks. Researchers applying for or in receipt of PPRFS/SPPRFS funding are required to strictly follow all the rules and guidelines and fulfil all the requirements set out by the Secretariat. It is the responsibility of the researchers to seek clarification from the Research Office of their affiliated institutions/think tanks when there is any doubt or uncertainty about the requirements. Institutions/think tanks are required to report immediately to the Secretariat any suspected research misconduct in relation to PPRFS/SPPRFS applications and PPRFS/SPPRFS-funded projects. All cases of suspected research misconduct will be handled seriously and fairly in accordance with the Procedures for Handling Research Misconduct.

To enhance the transparency of the handling of alleged research misconduct cases and to achieve educational purpose, a summary of substantiated research misconduct cases is available for public reference.

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